Our cars: Alfa Romeo Giulietta - October

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0 JTDM-2 140 Lusso

Week ending October 28
Mileage: 6585
Miles driven this week: 385 miles

You almost expect an Alfa Romeo to have idiosyncrasies - offset pedals, that sort of thing - but I’m also discovering bits of the Giulietta that are really well thought out. For example, it seems to do a particularly good job of heating up on cold mornings, then gauging just the right moment to start feeding warm air through to the cabin in a bid to get the climate control up to the requested temperature. It’s appreciated.

Week ending October 21
Mileage: 6200
Miles driven this week: 300 miles

So many cars now have stop-start systems that we're becoming aficionados of them and in a position to assess their differences. Not good news for our Alfa then, which has one of the more sluggish systems on the market and takes longer than others to chirp into life when you want to get moving again.

Having said that, I am really warming to this car. It's not as refined as some diesel hatches but it's considerably more glamorous and has a terrific-looking interior, too. Put it this way. I reckon despite its flaws, you'd feel good about life if you bought one.

Week ending October 7
Mileage 5900
Miles driven this week: 250 miles

Like many in the office, I love our new Alfa Romeo Giulietta's looks, but I'll need to think carefully before grabbing its keys for a long journey. Even a 45-minute run home in the evening commute gave me an aching right leg. The styling is right up to scratch; the pedal position is not.

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