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Audi A1 1.4 122 TFSI Sport

Week ending October 28
Mileage 1150
Miles driven this week 350

I've found there are a few good ergonomic touches in the A1's cabin.

Aside from obvious items, such as the seating position and steering wheel, due care and attention has also been given to the centre console. That area has been slightly angled towards the driver, which makes things easier to see and a bit easier to reach.

However, it won't be quite so easy for passengers to help enter new routes into the sat-nav or tune the radio while the driver's concentrating on the road ahead.

Week ending October 21
Mileage 800
Miles driven this week: 488 miles

The sat-nav has some very useful features on it, such as showing you where to find local amenities such as fuel stations, restaurants and even pharmacies.

Most things are on there – even if I haven’t figured out what all of them mean yet – but one odd one I’ve seen is that it displays golf club locations. I wouldn’t have thought that the A1 was the ideal car for golfers, because I don’t think the boot is wide enough to take a set of clubs.

Week ending October 14
Mileage: 312
Miles driven this week: 312 miles

With a long commute and a dodgy back to contend with, getting a comfortable seating position is high on my list of priorities. So I'm pleased that I've managed to find a comfy setting quite so easily in the A1.

What's helped the most are the dials for the backrest. Using levers can mean I'm either sat too upright or too far back, but just twiddling the dial gets the perfect angle. There's also the added bonus of the adjustable lumbar support, so hopefully lower back problems are a thing of the past.

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