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Peugeot 208 1.2 VTi Allure

Week ending October 18
Mileage 9304
Driven this week 103 miles

The 208 passing its first annual service also marked the impending arrival of another notable date - that of the little Peugeot's departure from the What Car? fleet.

It is set to leave us in the next week or so, and it's got me all reflective about its time with us. I was thinking about what I did and didn't like about it, and I reckon that there are a similar number of standout positive and negative things about the 208.

When I finally come to summarise our time together, the problem facing the Peugeot is whether the negative things have outweighed the positive in terms of seriousness.

By Tom Webster

Week ending October 11
Mileage 9201
Driven this week 91 miles

Peugeot 208

As hoped, the Peugeot 208 is back from the dealer after its service at Robins and Day, Clapham. It sailed through every one of the checks that Peugeot threw at it, without any advisories, so there were no nasty surprises on the financial front.

In all, the process set me back £199, which seemed a little steep for a first service, but included a full set of filters, oil and everything one would expect of a first checkup.

Sadly, though, Peugeot were unable to find any problem with the 208's massively high-set biting point that has been causing complaint in the What Car? office. Instead the implication was that they are all like that (on the 1.2VTi engine at least) and nothing could be done. Seems we're stuck with that then.

The other issue I raised was the squeaky front seat, which the engineers claimed not to have heard when they first called me. I politely suggested they listen a little harder, and then got another call a short while later saying that they could now hear it and it was a known issue. Sadly the liberal application of lubricant to the underside of the seat has done nothing and I'm still left with a creaky seat. 

In all, the whole process was fairly painless, with a courtesy car available within a week of my initially calling up, and a service department that kept me informed of everything they were doing throughout.

My only pedantic grumble to them was that I pointed out some broken window glass that was strewn around the service parking area when I arrived, but it was still there the following day.

Overall, a good but not spectacular experience.

By Tom Webster

Week ending October 4
Mileage 9110
Driven this week 190 miles

I had hoped to bring news this week of how the Peugeot 208 had sailed through its first, 12-month, service with no issues and how it was back in the What Car? car park.

However, while it was at the dealer I asked for a couple of issues to be looked at. Even though the engineers reported the clutch was fine last time I took it in, so many of my colleagues have questioned the high biting point that I asked them to check it again, just to be sure.

I also asked the dealer to look at the squeaky seat, which is getting louder as the weeks pass. I duly got a call saying they couldn't hear the squeak, let alone find a problem. I'm convinced I'm not hearing things, so I requested they try again and listen a little harder on their test drive.

All being well I'll have the 208 back in my possession by the weekend, and will be able to bring a full report on the service experience by this time next week.

By Tom Webster

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