Toyota Prius+
Toyota Prius+

Toyota Prius+ 1.8 VVTi T Spirit

Week ending 4 October
Mileage 6957
Miles this week 99

Toyota Prius+

I have to confess that my hybrid-friendly driving habits have gone out the window in the past few weeks, and I've slipped back into driving the Prius+ like a regular car.

The reason is partly that I find it takes an awful lot of willpower to concentrate on driving in a particular way while watching the road and listening to the radio or my children. The other issue is that driving really smoothly, trying to maintain a fixed speed and giving the accelerator a little lift to encourage the car to switch to battery power have never made enough of a difference to the Prius+'s economy. Even on my best behaviour I've rarely got more than 49mpg compared to around 45mpg when making no concessions at all.

So it's ironic than in the past couple of weeks, when I've done little more than drive smoothly to avoid the racket the engine makes when worked hard, the Prius+ has returned its second-best mpg figure since I took delivery of it 11 months ago, at 50.8mpg.

Of course, a result like that makes me even less inclined to think about my driving style. There just doesn't seem to be any point.

By Alex Newby


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