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  • Sat-nav was as lost as Alex at first

    Sat-nav was as lost as Alex at first

  • Leaves hid rubble that scratched our wheel

    Leaves hid rubble that scratched our wheel

  • Panoramic roof is now an £850 option

    Panoramic roof is now an £850 option


Toyota Prius+ 1.8 VVTi T Spirit
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Week ending 25th October
Mileage 7601
Miles this week 322
One of my four-year-old's friends joined us for a car journey this week, and with the Prius+'s boot chock-a-block with all manner of child-related equipment – thus putting the rearmost pair of seats out of use – I needed to fit him and my two boys across the car's three middle seats. Although the Prius+ has three individual and virtually same-sized seats in the middle row, there wasn't room to fit the friend's Maxi Cosi Rodifix high-backed booster seat between my older son's seat of the same model and my toddler's Maxi Cosi Priori XP Group 1 seat, even though these are among the slimmest child seats available. Our guests's Rodifix's base fitted okay (though it had to work as a non-Isofix seat as the Prius+ doesn't have Isofix lugs on its centre seat), with good access to the seat belt buckles, but the cushioned sides were too squashed to consider the seat a good fit. Fortunately, I also have a very slim model of booster cushion which fitted perfectly. The boys each had plenty of room and guest Harry loved the Prius+'s full-length sunroof. 

Alex Newby

Week ending October 11
Mileage 6957
Driven this week 170

The Prius+ was suddenly pressed into action for transporting some fairly large antique paintings this week, and the flat floor beneath the middle row of seats proved a bonus for this purpose.

The paintings could be stacked side by side across the width of the car, which wouldn't have been possible had there been any kind of hump over the car's transmission tunnel, as there is in many other cars of this size.

With a few blankets sandwiched between them for extra protection, the pictures arrived at their destination safe and sound.

By Alex Newby

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