Audi A5 Sportback: Reader Test Team - Part 2

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So, what do readers think of Audi's coupe-turned-compact executive - the A5 Sportback?

Read the What Car? Reader Test Team's comments and views right here on, and have a look at the video, too.

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Martyn Jefferi
Age 53
Lives Shifnal, Shropshire
Drives Jaguar X-type Estate
Job Electrical engineer

'The boot is big, but there's nothing under the floor apart from the space-saver wheel. With my Jag, there's underfloor storage for my laptop with a 12V point.

'I don't like the grey plastic around the dials – it simply doesn't work for me. The darker material at the top is fine, but not the lighter stuff.

'Why the extra stalk for the cruise control? It's very “old-school”. Surely it can't be that difficult to have the controls on the steering wheel?

'Everything is good to touch, however, and within fingertip range. The instruments and dials are turned towards you, which feels good because everything's focused around the driver.

'In terms of visibility, you 'Iose' the front of the car, and although the frameless windows are good, it's a pity that they lose their effect around the thick central pillar.'
Rating: 4 stars

Remy Vidal
Age 40
Lives Salisbury, Wiltshire
Drives Audi A3 Sportback
Job IT consultant
'Audi appeals to me as a brand, but I don't get the point of this A5. Why would you want it when the Coupe looks so good? Why do it just for the rear doors when it's hard to get out of the rear? Also, despite the better access, the boot's little bigger.

'They've done a decent job of retaining the Coupe's style, but the crease is lost because of the rear door, and it's not much more practical.

'Children would fit in, but why would you get a Sportback – there's no fifth seatbelt for grandma. You buy into the shape, not the practicality, so you pay a premium for one less seat than an A4 just to get the style.

As far as the boot goes, it's okay – you could get two or three sets of golf clubs in – but the Q5 is still the choice for me with two kids. The A5 is great, but a bit small.'
Rating: 3 stars

Eric Woodhams
Age 45
Lives Wiltshire
Drives Audi A4 Avant
Job National business manager

'I drive an A4 Avant, and this A5 mixes my car's practicality with the looks of a coupe. The interior is similar to my car's, too: I feel comfortable and at home. I like the front seats, which are quite sporty and have good side and thigh support.

'Build quality is excellent – you get a solid “thud” from the doors. I think the interior feels better than the A4's, too.

'Having just four seats wouldn't be a problem for me because I have only one child, but I can see why some people may have an issue with the absence of a fifth seat. I like it, though – it's in keeping with the coupe theme.

'I also like the 60/40 split rear seats and the ski flap, but I'm not too sure about the two-part parcel shelf.'
Rating: 4 stars


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