Our cars: Infiniti G37S Coupe - September

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  • Infiniti G Series Coupe tested
  • Year-long review
  • Tested by Roger Stansfield
Mileage 13,000Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? I can’t believe it’s
10 months since I collected our Infiniti, but that’s the case, as I realised when doing its fuel log.

Some of those fuel returns had me double-checking to make sure the batteries on my calculator weren’t on the blink. Over the previous two months the Infiniti has returned 26.9mpg, 24.2, 27.1, 26.5, 25.8, 23.0, 25.5 and 26.9.

This is hardly going to get me a Man of the Year nomination from Greenpeace, but three of those brim-to-brim returns are better than the official average of 26.7, and I reckon I’m consistently getting closer to my car’s quoted economy figure than any of my colleagues in their diesel hatches.

The thing is, it’s happened without any conscious effort on my part. I’ve had the climate control working overtime in the clammy summer weather, and I almost always have the radio or CD player on. It’s just that most of my miles tend to be at motorway pace, where the 3.7-litre V6 engine is operating in its most efficient range and the seven-speed auto gearbox can settle down in its high-ish top ratio.

The wheels are frighteningly easy to kerb - as my colleagues found out
As for having fun, I may have my quibbles about aspects of the G37, but I’ve always enjoyed driving it. It manages to deliver the best bits of a sports coupé (lively steering, agile cornering and a muted V6 snarl) with GT refinements (a mostly smooth transmission, low noise levels and – despite 19-inch wheels – a fine high-speed ride).

Ah yes, the wheels. I was warned when I collected the car that they’re frighteningly easy to kerb. A pity I didn’t pass the information on to some of my colleagues. All four have been savaged to one extent or another, and I’m going to have to get them restored before we part ways with the car. However, they have a special finish, so I can’t just call in a mobile repair service. The Infiniti Centre in Reading (01189 071333)
is quoting £120 a wheel plus VAT to bring them back to showroom condition. Ouch!

Roger Stansfield

Our cars: Infiniti G37S Coupe - August


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