Our cars: Volkswagen Passat Estate - September

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Volkswagen Passat Estate
Volkswagen Passat Estate
Volkswagen Passat Estate 2.0 TDI 140 Bluemotion Technology SE

Week ending September 30
Current mileage 2336
Miles driven this week 893

When you’ve filled the Passat’s fuel tank, it’s comforting to know you don’t have to do it again for another 700 miles or so. A large, 70-litre fuel tank and impressive economy (we’re averaging 49mpg so far) mean Passat and fuel station rarely have to meet. Good thing, when a tankful of diesel costs the best part of £95.


Week ending September 23
Current mileage 1443
Driven this week 613 miles

The Passat passed the ‘child test’ with flying colours. I drove it to my sister’s house in Somerset (it was quiet, relaxing and economical on the 140-mile trip from Surrey), where my niece and nephew gave their verdict on seeing it for the first time.

My five-year-old niece had a nose inside and out, said it was really nice, then wandered off to do something more interesting.

My one-year-old nephew couldn’t get enough of it, though. He sat in the back seats, crawled through the ski hatch (which his dad had left open) into the boot, then sat in the front and played with all the buttons.

In fact, there were cries of protest when he was lifted out. He walked straight back to the car and pulled on the door handle to get inside again. I can’t blame him – the huge, classy cabin is a nice place to spend time.

Week ending September 9
Current mileage 511
Driven this week 415 miles

The call came through from the office postroom: 'Two big boxes of flat-pack furniture have arrived for you.' Thankfully, this was on the same day as my new Volkswagen Passat Estate pitched up, so I had the ideal car to transport the boxes home in.

The Passat's huge boot has also swallowed all manner of other boxes and bags this week, none of which have come close to troubling its capacity.

Other early impressions are almost all positive: it's refined, relaxing to drive and the trip computer is showing an average of around 50mpg.

It's 415 miles since the tank was filled, so there’s a good 250 miles to go before it needs more fuel, too. The low-speed ride isn’t as settled as I’d hoped it would be, but that doesn’t stop me feeling very good about my first week with a Passat Estate.


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