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BMW 318d GT Modern

Week ending September 6
Mileage 9800
Driven this week 680

BMW 3 Series GT review

The BMW 3 Series GT’s boot is not just big; it’s clever, too. Last week, the family and I travelled cross-country from London to south Wales to the Green Man Festival in the Black Mountains.

With several days of camping on the cards, this would be a real test of the GT’s load-lugging capabilities. The seats would be full – my wife, my younger son and I, plus my eldest and his girlfriend. I considered all the gear we’d need for a few nights under canvas, and for a moment doubted whether the GT would be up to the task.

I needn’t have worried – a useful bit of engineering in the boot cover means it’s easy to squeeze in a bit more than you might think. Most hatchbacks have a parcel shelf that lifts up with the tailgate when you open the boot. The 3 Series GT is the same, but its shelf actually splits in half.

The GT has the most space of any 3 Series under the boot cover, but if you need even more room, both shelves can be removed. The liner attached to the tailgate clips off easily, and the cover behind the seats slides out. Even better, you can store both of them under the boot floor so they don’t need to be left in the garage while you go on holiday.


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