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Merc's CLK is the steadiest sports car you can buy – but its SLK is also the shakiest.

1: Mercedes-Benz CLK

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 82.2%
Overall ranking: 5th
For stylish sophistication, the Mercedes CLK is the car to beat. It proved a hit with owners as the only car in the class to achieve five stars, and won a respectable fifth overall in this year's survey. Its exterior gained full marks, and the interior wasn't far behind with four out of five.

However, owners weren't enamoured with the car's quality and reliability: mechanical gripes, interior problems and exterior faults were all no better than average, gaining three stars. Satisfactory dealer service made up for some of these disappointments, though, with garages earning four stars.

2: Mazda MX-5

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 80.5%
Overall ranking: 22nd
The MX-5 is a previous winner of this class in the JD Power survey, but hasn't fallen far, finishing second. Reliability and build quality featured highly in the Mazda's results, with a solid rating of four out of five.

Owners appear most impressed with the performance of the car's controls and switchgear, while the quality of the seats and ventilation system also proved popular. Despite its sporty nature, the MX-5's performance only managed a middling three stars, as did Mazda's dealer service standards.

3: Audi TT

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 80.2%
Overall ranking: 27th
Performance and entertaining driving characteristics were the most appealing attributes for TT owners. When it came to quality and reliability, though, the Audi managed an average result. Dealers proved mediocre, too, scoring three out of five.

Ownership costs were one of the most disappointing aspects of life with a TT, because owners believed they were too high. The Audi's interior also wasn't that attractive, and the adjustability, comfort and general performance of the seats received harsh criticism.

4: Volkswagen Eos

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 79.2%
Overall ranking: 45th
Durable mechanical components proved to be the best aspect of Eos ownership, with a dependable engine and gearbox, and few problems while driving. Interior build quality was acceptable, with comfortable, supportive seats and dependable satellite-navigation and stereo systems.

The low points for the Eos included a one-star rating for problems with the car's exterior, and two stars for dealer service and the attractiveness of its styling.

5: Mercedes-Benz SLK

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 78.8%
Overall ranking: 55th
Mechanical issues proved tiresome, as did trouble with the cabin, especially the sat-nav/stereo and seats.

The SLK could muster only a three-star rating for exterior design and appeal. Dealer service was average, while ownership costs didn't impress, either.

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Name: Alex Totney Job: Radio journalist Model: 320 Avantgarde Mileage: 70,000
'I like the CLK's sportiness. Mine is the Avantgarde model with the AMG bodykit, which is very attractive, and the interior is just about the best I've ever seen. Mine has done 70,000 miles, but it's still superb. The biggest problem I've had is the cup holder, but it's been sorted now. Dealers have always given good service and valet the car each time it goes in.'

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