UK drive: Ferrari 430 Scuderia

  • Driven on British roads
  • £172,625 supercar
  • F1 technology
It’s hard to describe the performance of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia without resorting to expletives that would make a docker blush.

Perhaps it’s best just to say that up to 4000rpm it’s a bit like being shot out of a cannon, and if you keep your foot flat all the way to the howling 8500rpm redline, you’d best make sure you’ve got a defibrillator to hand.

The ‘yeeha’ factor is hardly surprising, given that the 4.3-litre V8 has been tuned to produce 503bhp and that the 1350kg Scuderia weighs pretty much the same as a typical family hatchback.

The stripped-to-the-metal interior, high carbonfibre content, lightened suspension and elaborate aerodynamic package mean Ferrari’s finest is as agile as a Lurcher chasing a spot of furry lunch.

The superb steering keeps your palms fully abreast of what’s going on beneath the front tyres, while figure-hugging sports seats stop you flopping around as the G-forces ramp up around your favourite corners.

Thankfully, the Scuderia stops as well as it goes, thanks to carbon-ceramic brakes that were developed by the Formula One team.

Further F1 technology includes a super-fast paddleshift gearbox, and a stability and traction control system that you can tailor via a switch on the steering wheel, called the Manettino.

In fact, there’s so much high-tech wizardry on board it’s surprising you don’t need a laptop and a degree to get the thing started.

Instead, a simple prod of the steering wheel-mounted starter button will suffice to startle dogs, make babies cry and rattle all the windows in the next village.

So there you go, we got through all that without any expletives after all. Suffice to say it’s Ferrari’s finest supercar – we swear.

Price £172,625
On sale Now
You’ll like… Almost everything
You wont… Low rent switchgear
What car ? says Life simply doesn’t get any better


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