Ford C-Max first drive - What's it like inside?

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  • New C-Max driven
  • Price from £16,745
  • On sale in October
The five-seat C-Max retains the previous car's seating system, which means you get three individual rear seats that can be tumbled forward or removed entirely, although they're very heavy to lift.

Most of the time, you'll want to leave the seats in place, then, but this isn't really a problem because the boot is large and well shaped.

There's also enough room for five adults in the cabin, although the person in the central rear seat may feel a little squashed.

The Grand C-Max is a very different car, with sliding rear doors to make it easier to get kids in and out in tight spaces, and seats that fold flat instead of lifting out.

Its two additional seats fold up from the boot floor, while the middle row is made up of two individual seats that slide back and forth, and a smaller centre seat that can be folded away when you're carrying six people. This system means the central-middle row seat is a bit too narrow for comfort, but you can walk between the second and third rows.

The third row seats are best suited to kids, although adults will be okay as long as the people in front are prepared to give up a bit of legroom and the journey isn't too long.

Both versions of the C-Max give the driver a wide range of seat and steering wheel adjustment. What's more, the dashboard is made from classy materials and most of the controls are pretty simple.

Over-the-shoulder vision is better in the Grand because it has a deeper rear window and slimmer pillars.

Ford C-Max first drive - What's it like to drive and how much?


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