What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For The GTV is a stylish, affordable potential future classic - a good example is an enthralling car

Against Sadly, it's not very reliable, repairs will be costly, and rust takes hold on older models

Verdict Buy it because it’ll make you happy, but don’t expect faithfulness or cheapness

Go for… 2.0 Lusso

Avoid… 3.0 V6 Lusso

Alfa Romeo GTV Coupe
  • 1. Rear suspension bushes wear, and if their clonking is ignored, linkages and arms can be damaged
  • 2. Cambelt changes are needed every 36,000 miles or every three years, although the service book says 72,000 miles/six years
  • 3. Check the tyre pressures, as the alloy wheels can become porous, allowing air to escape
  • 4. Look out for rust in the rear wheelarches and where the rear window meets the bodywork
  • 5. Only buy a car with good interior trim - seats are expensive to fix if frayed or torn
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