What Car? says

1 out of 5 stars

For It's cheap to buy and gives a refined drive, with a comfortable ride

Against You'll find more reliable, roomier estates with smarter, more modern interiors

Verdict It's a sensible buy as a low-cost family estate, and its ride quality is superb

Go for… 2.0 diesel

Avoid… 1.8 petrol

Citroën Xantia Estate
  • 1. The self-levelling gas/fluid suspension gives the Xantia a real advantage over some of the competition
  • 2. Check the suspension carefully - the car should sit level at all times
  • 3. The air-con is prone to faults, so check it blows cold
  • 4. The axles and suspension are the biggest source of problems on Xantias
  • 5. Clogged radiators and coolant leaks are common
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