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What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For The Xsara estate gets the basics right, with a huge boot and a practical load area

Against It has too many reliability problems, cheap cabin trim and a notchy gearchange

Verdict It's roomy, refined, economical and comfortable, but there's a definite lack of quality

Go for… 2.0-litre turbodiesel

Avoid… 1.4-litre petrol

Citroën Xsara Estate
  • 1. You're looking at the right car ifyou want practicality. The Xsara estate has more space than many of its rivals
  • 2. Pay particular attention to the clutch on a test drive, as it's a known weak point
  • 3. When setting your budget, assume you'll have to shell out for repairs to the suspension
  • 4. The electrics can be a problem. Both the airbag warning lights and fuel gauges are prone to giving false messages
  • 5. Warped brake discs – which will judder during a test drive – are a potential headache
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