What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For This no-frills, mid-sized MPV is cheaper than rivals from Citroen and Renault

Against There are only five seats and petrol engines, and room in the boot is limited with the seats up

Verdict The Tacuma does a fair job for a fair price, but there’s nothing particularly special about it

Go for… 2.0 CDX

Avoid… 1.6 SX

Daewoo Tacuma MPV
  • 1. For the most practical Tacuma, avoid the entry-level cars, which don't have removable rear seats
  • 2. The quality of the interior plastics isn’t great; look out for rattles in the dash
  • 3. If you remove the parcel shelf, you have to fold the seats forward, which is a real pain
  • 4. Check that recall work to fix possible cracks in the brake pipes was completed in 2002
  • 5. The 2.0-litre petrol engine is the one to choose. The 1.6 just isn't strong enough
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