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What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For It's a great-value, fine-handling coupe, and the V6 is quick

Against Its anonymous looks and the dull cabin hold back the Cougar's appeal

Verdict An inexpensive way into a purpose-built coupe

Go for… 2.5i V6

Avoid… 2.0i 16v

Ford Cougar Coupe
  • 1. Some Cougars have fallen into the hands of boy racers, so look for signs of accident damage
  • 2. Only regular major complaint from owners has been with the air-con. Check it blows hot and cold
  • 3. The cabin is not an especially inspiring place to be, but it's well put together
  • 4. Make sure the cabin fittings aren't damaged, because parts are becoming scarce
  • 5. Other than a few niggles with the suspension, Cougars are basically sound
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