What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For Quick, smooth and serene - the Lexus LS is huge inside and luxurious

Against It can’t match the style and elegance of its main rivals

Verdict It's a superbly refined limousine, but it's expensive to run and lacks personality

Go for… There’s just one model, the 4.3 V8

Avoid… See above

Lexus LS Saloon
  • 1. Keyless entry, air-conditioned front seats, leather upholstery, rain-sensitive wipers, sat-nav and air suspension are all standard
  • 2. Stiff depreciation means buying a nearly new LS is still a costly prospect, but a three-year-old model makes more sense
  • 3. There are 10 airbags in the car, including two to protect the knees of the front occupants
  • 4. There’s more room in the rear than any passenger could need
  • 5. The boot is generous, although the suspension intrudes, narrowing the available space
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