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What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For Every bit as good to drive as it is to look at

Against Limited headroom for six-footers; AMG version is thirsty

Verdict More of a stylish saloon than a coupe, but it's a superb drive nonetheless

Go for… CLS350

Avoid… CLS55 AMG

Mercedes-Benz CLS Saloon
  • 1. There's room for four adults and plenty of boot space
  • 2. There have been electrical problems reported, so ensure that all of the gadgets work correctly before you buy
  • 3. The CLS is based on the E-Class, which - worryingly - is not one of the company's most reliable cars
  • 4. Our money would go into an entry-level 350, which has more than enough power and plenty of toys
  • 5. The CLS is a very comfortable cruiser, and not too bad down a back road either
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