What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For It's a premium luxury open-top car that cruises well

Against It's expensive to run and a little old-fashioned

Verdict A quick, comfortable well-built Mercedes

Go for… SL320

Avoid… SL280

Mercedes-Benz SL Open
  • 1. Check the automatic gearbox carefully, as they can jump out of gear. If the problem is terminal, it could cost more than £3000 to fix
  • 2. Avoid models that have high mileage and those where the leather is starting to look a little worse for wear
  • 3. Any car that has an unreasonable amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust will cost you dearly later on
  • 4. Check the condition of the soft-top hood carefully
  • 5. Of all the various versions, the SL320 that was introduced in 1998 is the best
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