What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For It’s well priced and reliable with a good safety record

Against Space is poor, and it's slow, disappointing to drive and uncomfortable

Verdict Solid, reliable and cheap, but with a staid image

Go for… 1.5 petrol

Avoid… 1.8 petrol

Nissan Almera Saloon
  • 1. Nissan cars, like most Japanese models, have a well earned reputation for reliability
  • 2. The handling is reasonable, but the ride is uncomfortable on rough surfaces
  • 3. Low desirability means low prices - there are some real bargains out there
  • 4. Security is impressive and safety is good, with a four-star Euro NCAP rating
  • 5. Equipment levels improved late in 2002, and SE is our pick
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