What Car? says

3 out of 5 stars

For It's spacious, practical, safe, enjoyable to drive and the diesel engines are excellent

Against The instrument layout is quirky and luggage space is limited with all seven seats in use

Verdict The 807 is capable, refined and comfortable; a genuine multi-purpose vehicle

Go for… Any diesel

Avoid… 2.0 petrol

Peugeot 807 MPV
  • 1. Sliding doors are great, but there have been reports of electrical problems on some
  • 2. The cabin trim can mark easily and is prone to damage, so inspect the interior closely
  • 3. It's not roomy with all seven seats in place, but folding the rear and middle rows frees up huge space
  • 4. The engine's electronic brain (the ECU) can go haywire and is costly to fix if the car is out of Peugeot's warranty
  • 5. Be especially careful looking at cars with 15-inch wheels, which can suffer premature tyre wear
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