What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For The 9-3 is superbly comfortable, and has well laid out controls and decent space in the rear

Against Poor body control, soggy handling, dull steering and an unsettled ride mar the drive

Verdict It's a great place to sit, but keen drivers should look away now

Go for… 1.9 TiD 120 turbodiesel

Avoid… 210bhp 2.0T and 2.8T

Saab 9-3 Saloon
  • 1. A number of our readers have reported problems with the engine‚Äôs ECU
  • 2. Watch for uneven tyre wear, which could indicate misaligned suspension
  • 3. Buy a car with leather trim, sat-nav and a good stereo, as they will make the car easier to sell
  • 4. It has extremely comfortable seats and a sound driving position with a wide range of adjustment
  • 5. The boot is large, and you can fold down the split back seat for even more space
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