What Car? says

4 out of 5 stars

For Lots of car for the cash. Good to drive, solidly built

Against Not as exciting to drive as a Fiesta. Cabin is a bit drab

Verdict The Fabis is a brilliant, grown-up car that’s still unfairly overlooked by badge snobs

Go for… 1.4 petrol

Avoid… 1.9 SDI diesel

Skoda Fabia Saloon
  • 1. Check the footwells for dampness. Water can drip in through the air vent intakes when they get blocked
  • 2. One of the hoses has a habit of dislodging and leaking. This can cause engine damage if the coolant levels are allowed to get too low
  • 3. If you go for the 1.4, check the timing belt tensioner, because it can break early
  • 4. There have been head gasket failures on the 75bhp 1.4, so check the coolant for oil, and for water under the oil filler cap
  • 5. Boot is decent for the car's size, but it lacks the hatchback's versatility
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