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What Car? says

2 out of 5 stars

For The Roadster has excellent fuel economy, looks unique, and is fun to drive

Against The semi-auto gearbox on early models is slow

Verdict It's a fun car to own, but you'll lose out when you come to sell it

Go for… Brabus versions

Avoid… Left-hand-drive cars

Smart Roadster Roadster
  • 1. Don't bother with left-hand drive models - they're a false economy
  • 2. There have been leaks from the driver's door - look out for damp carpets
  • 3. Check that the engine doesn't overheat when the car is at a standstill
  • 4. Forget practicality - boot space is minimal
  • 5. Two adults will fit in the car without feeling cramped
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