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Looking for a used family car? Don't head to the forecourt before you've read our guide to the best used models around.

Ford Mondeo '07/57
Model 2.0 TDCi Zetec 5dr
Fuel Diesel
Average MPG 47.9mpg
Pricing 6710 - 12,665
Our verdict Spacious, practical and great value as a used proposition. The perfect family car.
Ford Mondeo used review

BMW 3 Series '07/57
Model 320d SE 5dr
Fuel Diesel
Average MPG 47.9
Pricing 6555 - 18,410
Our verdict Brilliant to drive, sophisticated and efficient.
BMW 3 Series used review

Volkswagen Passat '05/55
Model 1.9TDI S
Fuel Diesel
Average MPG 48.7
Pricing 4725 - 8200
Our verdict Big style and ability for a small price.
VW Passat used review

Toyota Avensis '06/55
Model 1.8 T2
Fuel Petrol
Average MPG 39.2
Pricing 2635 - 6605
Our verdict Ideal for low-mileage drivers, the Avensis is a reliable and practical choice.
Toyota Avensis used review

Vauxhall Vectra '07/57
Model 1.8 Design
Fuel Petrol
Average MPG 39.2
Pricing 2900 - 5760
Our verdict It's good to drive and there's a roomy interior for business or family use.
Vauxhall Vectra used review

Skoda Superb '08/58
Model 2.0 TDI 140 SE
Fuel Diesel
Average MPG 47.9
Pricing 9,500 - 13,325
Our verdict The Skoda Superb offers an amazing amount of car for the money.
Skoda Superb used review

Seat Exeo '09/09
Model 2.0 TDI 143 SE
Fuel Diesel
Average MPG 54.3
Pricing 10,445 - 13,165
Our verdict Plenty of luxury and safety kit for the family.
Seat Exeo review

Mazda 6 '07/57
Model 1.8 TS
Fuel Petrol
Average MPG 36.2
Pricing 2265 - 4480
Our verdict It's cheap, does most things well and almost nothing badly, so it's an excellent second-hand buy.
Mazda 6 used review

Honda Accord Saloon '08/08
Model 2.2i-CDTi Sport
Fuel Diesel
Average MPG 51.4
Pricing 4055 - 7390
Our verdict The Accord has smooth and powerful engines. It's also roomy, refined, and solidly built.
Honda Accord Saloon used review

Citroen C5 Saloon '08/08
Model 2.0HDi VTR+
Fuel Diesel
Average MPG 47.1
Pricing 7970 - 9330
Our verdict The C5 is a solid and stylish saloon that will comfortably handle a family.
Citroen C5 used review

Rory White