The 19 cars with the biggest boots - our unique test reveals the real answer

What Car?'s unique way of measuring boot space reveals the cars that really have the biggest cargo areas...

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25 December 2018

Skoda Octavia boot

1= Kia Sorento - 11 suitcases

Kia Sorento

It’s a little surprising that the Kia Sorento is the only SUV with the maximum boot space of 11 suitcases, but nonetheless, the seven-seater trumps much more luxurious cars on cargo capacity. The latest version is also a lot classier than the ones that came before it, although costs have risen accordingly.

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1= Skoda Octavia - 11 suitcases

Skoda Octavia boot

If you want the best blend of value and boot space then the Skoda Octavia is it. Our list is populated with estates, SUVs and executive cars, but the Octavia is the only family car to be found. Its huge boot can handle 11 suitcases and it also has the lowest starting price of any model on this list.  

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1= Skoda Superb - 11 suitcases

Skoda Superb Boot

Similarly to the Octavia, the Skoda Superb has absolutely heaps of space and it’s great value for money. It’s classy inside and the ride is extremely comfortable, to the point where you’d think you were in a much more expensive model. The Superb estate can fit 11 suitcases in its boot, while the saloon can handle 10.

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1= Tesla Model S - 11 suitcases

Tesla Model S 2019 boot open

A high-end, electric executive car isn’t exactly what you’d expect to find at the top of a biggest boots list, but Tesla’s Model S can accommodate the full compliment of 11 suitcases. This is because the electric drivetrain takes up much less space than a conventional internal combustion set up, which leaves room for a huge boot and an additional storage area under the bonnet.  

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