Aston Martin DBS Superleggera V12 Superleggera 2dr Touchtronic Auto Review

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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

We mentioned in the intro that a statement such as 'it's the best Aston ever' is damning with faint praise. Well, just so you know that's not what we're doing, here's a statement for you: the DBS Superleggera is the best front-engined, rear-wheel drive GT we've ever driven. Okay, the Ferrari 812 Superfast might have more power, but when we're talking about cars that offer 700bhp-plus each, somehow that just seems like bragging rights. What makes the DBS so special is that Aston Martin has harnessed all that power in a chassis that makes you the master of it, rather than its slave. It means that, believe it or not, this 715bhp car is one that you can enjoy genuinely not just on a track but also on the road.

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Trim: Superleggera

The level of standard equipment is high, from usability features such as keyless entry and sports seats, to the dynamic appendages including the carbon-ceramic brakes and 21in forged lightweight alloy wheels. Nevertheless, you can go crazy decking out your DBS with a range of bespoke features, should you wish.

Engine: V12

Monumental performance comes courtesy of a very tractable 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12. And when we say monumental performance, we mean it: 0-62mph takes just 3.4sec, but even more impressive is the 0-100mph time of 6.4sec and its top speed of 211mph. That’s what 715bhp will do for you.

Key information

0-62 MPH3.4 seconds
Fuel TypePetrol
MPGOfficial overall fuel economy figure


Urban: N/AMotorway: N/A
Boot CapacityHow much space is there?


EmissionsOfficial emissions rating