Used BMW 6 Series Convertible 2003 - 2011 review

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2003 - 2011 review
BMW 6 Series Convertible (03 - 11)
  • BMW 6 Series Convertible (03 - 11)
  • BMW 6 Series Convertible (03 - 11)
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Our recommendations

Which used BMW 6 Series sports should I buy?

Choose the 630i - the 3.0 takes you to 60mph from rest in just 6.5sec, even though it is the smallest engine in the range. Best of all, it's also the cheapest.

The engine burbles nicely when worked hard but otherwise it does its work quietly, whether you're looking at model with a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox.

Its interior isn't quite as special as the high-performance M6's, but it is leather-trimmed and has pretty much all you'll ever want, although sat-nav is an extra.

Like all BMW 6 Series Convertibles, the 630i comes in a choice of standard or Sport trim, the latter bringing stiffer suspension and bigger alloy wheels. We prefer standard models for their more absorbent ride and subtler looks.

If you can bear the expense of buying and running, the other options are the 650i and the M6. The latter produces 500bhp and screams to 60mph in under 5.0sec.

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