Promoted – The 20 best driving songs ever… chosen by you

Here are your picks for the songs that make you long for the open road

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From Jimi Hendrix’s β€œCrosstown Traffic” to AC/DC’s β€œHighway to Hell”, via Prince’s β€œLittle Red Corvette” and Arcade Fire’s β€œKeep the Car Running”, driving and rock’n’roll are one of music’s great double acts.

In song, a set of wheels and an open road have stood as metaphors for arrival and escape, freedom and folly. But what are the driving songs that most inspire you? The tunes that get your motor running, and are on repeat in your car stereo?

To celebrate the launch of Music, Dynaudio’s new range of intelligent music systems, those are the questions we asked you on Facebook – and over xxxx of you had your say. We removed the votes for David Brent’s β€œFree Love Freeway” (you were joking, right?), tallied up the results and came up with a top three, which we then put to vote on Twitter.

And here, in reverse order of popularity, are the full results…


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