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All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget: 11 clever features that will transform your next trip

From solar power to a hot water shower, the all-new Ford Transit Custom Nugget will change the face of camper adventures...

Ford Transit Nugget parked up with people sat under awning

Here at What Car?, we love a camper van. And we’re not the only ones. Camper vans have been at the very heart of British holiday culture for decades, offering the perfect blend of boundless go-anywhere possibilities with the home-from-home creature comforts we adore. In fact, us Brits love our campers so much that roughly 250,000 are on UK driveways today.

Equally, our beloved holiday companions have become more cosseting and more versatile as the years have gone by. And now there’s now a new kid on the block – with a very familiar name – that’s taking campervanning to dizzying new heights: meet the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget.

Based on the same platform as the All-New Ford Transit Custom panel van and All-New Ford Tourneo Custom people carrier, the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget is bursting with the same advanced technology, clever utilisation of space and clever features found in its commercial vehicle stablemates. The result is a five-seat, four-berth camper that’s more capable, more spacious, more refined and more intelligent than ever before. It’ll even be available with efficient plug-in hybrid power for the first time ever.

To find out exactly what makes the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget so special – and why it should be at the very top of your campervan shortlist – we’ve pulled together this list of 11 standout features that will transform your next camper vacation. So, from a hot water shower (as standard) and 5G wi-fi connectivity, to blackout blinds and entirely separate cooking, living and sleeping zones, let’s dive in.

Discover the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget

1. Ultra-spacious interior

When it comes to camper vans, it far too often feels like space is a final frontier that no-one dares cross. In contrast, the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget has taken many of the innovative design solutions from its commercial vehicle cousins to truly maximise the size of your living area.

Up front, the flat floor and compact dashboard design open up cross-cab access, letting passengers move seamlessly between the front seats and the rest of the Nugget. Further back, the kitchen, living and sleeping areas are all independent from each other, meaning that even with both double beds deployed, people can still move around the cabin – and even cook in the kitchen – without disturbing each other.

2. Intelligent seating

The All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget’s two heated front seats can swivel 180 degrees to create a cosy living area with the track-mounted rear bench, which in turn can slide effortlessly backwards and forwards to ensure everyone has the space they need to kick back and relax.

Couple this with a nifty fold-out table, soothing ambient lighting and an uprated speaker system, and the all-new model Nugget provides the perfect living area to enjoy a meal, play a boardgame or simply chillax.

Ford Transit Nugget kitchen

3. Enhanced kitchen design

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Well, that’s just as true when it comes to the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget. At the back, the bespoke L-shaped kitchen offers 20 per cent more worktop space than the previous model, along with a large easy-access fridge drawer (tall enough to take bottles upright), and a fully-integrated hob and sink unit.

You also get soft-close cupboards (to help keep fingers safe) and more headroom, thanks to an innovative flip-up mattress design that pushes the roof bed away from your head. The result is a spacious, ergonomic kitchen that makes cooking up your favourite hearty meals a dream.

Ford Transit Nugget shower

4. Hot water as standard

Camping is supposed to be grubby, right? Wrong. To help keep you and your belongings clean, the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget comes with a rear-mounted hot water shower as standard. You can also spec the optional tailgate privacy tent for that true home-from-home shower experience.

Ford Transit Nugget side profile

5. Self-folding roof bed

When on holiday, each morning brings exciting new possibilities and adventures that you just can’t wait to begin. So, to help you kick-start your day right, the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget uses clever self-folding fabric for the walls of the roof bed to make packing up and moving onto your next destination quick and easy.

 6. Integrated storage solutions

As any avid camper or festival-goer will know, chairs and tables can be a pain to transport and store due to their awkward size and shape. Thankfully, the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget comes with innovative storage solutions that stow camping chairs and outside dining table neatly away on the inside of the tailgate and side sliding doors respectively. Clever, right?

Ford Transit Nugget blackout blinds

7. Blackout blinds

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of sleeping in your own bed. And while the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget can’t quite replicate your bedroom, it can get pretty close thanks to blackout roller blinds that enhance privacy and keep out any unwanted light for a sound night’s sleep.

Ford Transit Nugget control pad

8. Clever control pad

At the rear, the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use high-definition 7.0in touchscreen display that acts at the control panel for the whole camper. Through it, you can fully customise the ambient lighting, check the heating, water levels and battery status, activate the inclinometer function (more on that in a moment), and even turn your smartphone into a remote control for all cabin features.

Ford Transit Nugget rear three quarters

9. Built-in inclinometer

Campervanning isn’t always a smooth ride. So, for the first time ever, the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget comes with a built-in inclinometer (controllable via the 7.0in touchscreen we just mentioned) that uses the trick suspension to level-out the vehicle when parked on rough or uneven ground, helping ensure an easy set-up and a great night’s sleep.

Ford Transit Nugget interior

10. Advanced technology

The All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget comes with Ford’s next-generation SYNC 4 infotainment system as standard. Accessible via the large, high-definition 13.0in touch screen on the dashboard, SYNC 4 offers always-on connectivity, providing you with connected navigation, audio and communication features. Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM smartphone mirroring also comes as standard, which helps make finding your favourite music, podcasts and apps a total breeze*. Finally, the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget also comes with a 5G Wi-Fi modem, meaning you and all of your passengers can stay connected 24/7.

Red Ford Transit Custom Nugget with solar panels

11. Solar roof

The All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget has been built for the digital age, and nothing proves that point better than the optional 350W solar panels on the roof. During the day, these can help power the majority of the interior features, while also charging up the leisure battery so you and your passengers have all the juice you’ll ever need.

Ford Transit Nugget plug-in hybrid

12. Plug-in hybrid power

Taken from the Ford Kuga SUV – Europe’s best-selling plug-in hybrid – the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget’s hybrid powertrain uses an efficient 2.5-litre petrol engine mated to an advanced 11.8kWh lithium-ion battery and powerful electric motor to deliver a combined output of 232PS. The result: you save on fuel without losing any of that go-anywhere grunt.

So, from solar power to ultra-clever seating, those are 11 clever features found on the All-New Ford Nugget campervan that will truly transform your next vacation.

Discover the All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget

Images shown for illustration purposes and may not reflect UK specification and feature optional extras. All-New Transit Custom Nugget arriving spring 2024.

* Don’t drive while distracted or while using handheld devices. Use voice-operated systems when possible. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones.

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