Best and worst convertibles 2018

The summer sunshine is here and that means now is the perfect time to buy a convertible car. We name the ones you should look for and the ones to steer clear of come rain or shine...

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Darren Moss
17 Aug 2017 13:10
Best and worst convertibles 2018

If you like your convertibles small and cute, look no further than the Mini Convertible. You get the same smart styling and good driving dynamics as the modern Mini hatchback, but there's also an electric folding fabric roof for when the sun is out. There isn't a great deal of space for rear passengers, but it is great fun to drive. The Chili Media pack we recommend makes the most of the infotainment technology on offer, too.

Best and worst convertibles 2018

The Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet is up against some strong competition in this market, particularly from BMW's open-top 4 Series. The good news is that, while the BMW may have the edge on handling and driving dynamics, the Mercedes is the more complete package, offering a more refined, economical and comfortable experience. There's also an extensive list of standard equipment, which includes satellite navigation, heated front seats, a self-parking system and LED headlights.

Best and worst convertibles 2018

With prices starting from £264,000, the Rolls-Royce Dawn is by far the most expensive car on this list, but it's also the first car here to get a full five stars on our road test. We'd expect the Dawn to offer a luxurious interior and an extremely refined driving style – which it does – but what really impresses here is how easy it is to drive. It's every bit as quiet with the roof up as the Wraith, the model on which it is based, but with the added advantage of being able to drop its top when the sun is shining.

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