Best and worst family SUVs for reliability

Family SUVs need to be comfortable, practical, roomy and robust. To help you pick the best family transport, we reveal the most and least reliable...

Used Seat Ateca 16-present
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Claire Evans
28 Feb 2018 10:00

4. Seat Ateca (2016-present)

Score 96.7%

Just 14% of Atecas had a fault, with owners citing non-engine electrics and interior trim as the most common causes of concern. A small percentage of cars also had issues with the battery, bodywork and brakes. Almost all cars could still be driven and all were fixed under warranty. 

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Peugeot 3008

3. Peugeot 3008 (2017-present)

Score 96.9%

The latest Peugeot 3008 is proving impressively robust so far, with only 14% of cars presenting a problem and the areas concerned being split evenly between the engine and exterior lights. A third of the problem cars were off the road for more than a week, but all were fixed for free under warranty.

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5 reasons to buy an Audi Q3

2. Audi Q3 petrol (2011-present)

Score 97.3%

Petrol versions of the Audi Q3 had fewer faults than their diesel counterparts, at 16% against 28%. Most (8%) were minor niggles with the bodywork, while other affected areas included the brakes, engine and non-engine electrics. Two-thirds of cars remained driveable, but a small percentage of owners faced repair bills of up to £1500.