Best and worst small and city cars for reliability

City and small cars are often bought by young drivers or as second family cars, so they need to be durable and cheap to own. To help you pick the best, we reveal the most and least reliable...

Suzuki Celerio
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Claire Evans
6 Mar 2018 10:10

4. Suzuki Celerio (2015-present)

Score 98.0%

Just 6% of Celerios had a problem, according to owners, with steering the only area affected. Problem cars could not be driven and took up to a week to fix, but all repairs were done under warranty. 

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Used car of the week: Honda Jazz

3. Honda Jazz (2008-2015)

Score 99.2%

Demonstrating Hondas' long-term durability, the previous-generation Jazz takes third place in our reliability ratings. Only 7% of these older Jazzes presented any issues; bodywork was the only area mentioned and all cars were fixed for free within a day. It’s therefore no wonder that nearly two-thirds of Jazz owners were impressed with the reliability of their cars. 

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Honda Jazz

2. Honda Jazz (2015-present)

Score 99.5%

The latest Honda Jazz isn’t far off perfect for reliability, with just 3% of owners reporting a fault with their car. The only problem area was the sat-nav, but all affected cars were repaired for free in less than a week.