Best cars for less than £300 per month

Buying a car on a PCP finance deal could allow you to drive a more prestigious model by spreading the cost. Here we've picked our top 10 best new cars for less than £300 per month...

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The most common way to buy a new car in the UK is through a PCP finance deal. This type of finance arrangement allows you to buy a car for about the same price as a three-year-old one, because you're financing only a fraction of its total price.

If you have a monthly budget of £300 or so for your next car, you have plenty of choice in the market. Cars available at this price point include premium hatchbacks, family SUVs, large SUVs – and even some 2022 What Car? Award winners.

Here, we count down the top 10 deals from our Target Price research, which reveals the most you should pay for a new car. Each deal is based on a deposit of 15% of the price of the car, combined with the manufacturer's finance discount allowance (if applicable).

If you find one you like, simply click on the relevant link to find out more or see how much we can save you through our free New Car Buying service.