Best used small cars for less than Β£10,000 (and the ones to avoid)

Small cars can be fun, distinctive and high-quality alternatives to larger vehicles. Here are 10 of the best for less than Β£10,000

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7. Mazda 2

Efficient engines, a great infotainment system and a smart-looking interior – where Mazda has emulated Audi to some extent – make the Mazda 2 a decent used car purchase. It’s fun to drive, too. However, road noise is greater than in some rivals, which means you might have to put up with a slightly less relaxing driving experience.

We found: 2016 1.5 SE-L 7,649 miles Β£9990

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6. Mini Hatchback

Small cars don’t come much more desirable than the Mini. It handles well, comes with a large range of engines and has a funky, high-quality interior. And with so many different paint colours, you’ll rarely find two Minis that are the same. True, you lose out on boot space and the rear seats are pretty cramped, but if practicality isn’t so much of an issue, there’s no doubt the Mini is a car that appeals to the heart.

We found: 2014 1.5 Cooper 3dr, 12,611 miles, Β£9,798

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5. Hyundai i20

Handsome looks, generous standard equipment levels and plenty of interior space mean there’s a lot to like about the i20. The ride is a little unsettled around town and it doesn’t handle quite as well as the best on offer. However, Hyundai performs strongly in reliability surveys, and this is backed up to some degree by the five-year warranty, which should make ownership relatively stress-free.

We found: 2017 1.2 SE 5dr 9,140 miles Β£8999

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