Best (and worst) small cars for tall drivers 2018

Tall drivers can often feel cramped in small cars, so what should you choose if you want a cheap, city-friendly hatchback that's spacious enough for six-footers?

Words By Claire Evans

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Best small cars for tall drivers

City cars and small hatchbacks combine low running costs with the sort of dinky proportions that make them easy to drive and park in town. However, small on the outside often means cramped on the inside, so if you're more than six feet tall, which small cars are spacious enough to let you get comfortable?

Below, we count down the models that put the Tardis to shame while also providing all the equipment and comfort that buyers can expect these days. Plus, we name the ones that are best avoided if you're on the tall side.

Best cars for tall drivers

10. Kia Picanto

You might think that the Picanto's small dimensions mean that taller drivers will struggle for space, but in fact two tall adults will find they have plenty of head and leg room. Rear space is fairly good, too, although the Volkswagen Up offers more still. Go for our recommended '3' trim and you get plenty of equipment, including a 7.0in infotainment touchscreen with sat-nav.

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9. Hyundai i10

The i10 is one of our favourite city cars, and like the Picanto above, it's well suited to sweeping around tight city streets. There's plenty of room in the front for taller drivers, and no city car offers more space for rear passengers than the i10. Its rear doors also open extra-wide, making getting in and out easier than in some rivals.

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8. Mini hatchback

If anything, the Mini might seem even more out of place than the Fiesta on a list of spacious small cars. However, while the three-door version doesn't have much rear leg room when the front seats are slid all the way back, the five-door is a lot more practical. What's more, both have supportive seats and loads of head and leg room in the front, even if the driving position isn't perfect, due to offset pedals. The Mini is also good to drive and smart inside.

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