BMW X7 long term test: report 4

Can this luxury SUV prove that it's worth the impressive price tag that it wears or are you better off looking elsewhere? We're finding out...

Dan Jones test driving BMW X7

The car BMW X7 xDrive40i M Sport Run by Dan Jones, reviewer

Why it’s here To see if this luxury SUV is really worth its impressive price tag or whether you’re better off with a cheaper seven-seater. 

Needs to Be versatile enough that it’s a comfortable, spacious and luxurious long distance commuter, but also practical enough to tow and carry lots of luggage or people. 

Miles covered 9010 Price £90,050 Target price £87,203 Price as tested £107,110 Official economy 29.1mpg Test economy 28.2mpg

16 September 2023 – 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'

Nothing in life is perfect. That's why I thought the more I drove my BMW X7, the more I would inevitably find that annoys me. But, amazingly, no; the only thing about it that irks me remains the lack of physical climate control buttons. 

New BMW X7 climate control

We’ve long praised BMW for retaining these, so the fact new models no longer get them is a real shame. Instead, you now have to do all of your amends through the touchscreen infotainment screen.  And, while the temperature controls are always shown at the bottom of this, it’s still more distracting than the old system. 

That’s especially true when trying to switch on the fancy heated and ventilated seats, because this requires you to navigate to the climate control menu, scroll around and then tap the relevant setting. True, it helps that the software is quick to respond, but it’s still far from ideal on the motorway.

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