Citroën C4 long-term test: report 5

The Citroën C4 family hatchback was recently reinvented as a coupé SUV. We've already lived with the electric car version, but now we're seeing how the petrol compares...

Citroen C4 servicing

The car Citroën C4 Puretech 130 S&S Sense Plus Run by Max Edleston, junior photographer

Why it’s here To see if petrol power is just as appealing as electric in Citroën's coupé-styled SUV

Needs to Have enough space for all my photography kit, keep me in touch with the office and be comfortable for long trips

Mileage 13,211 List price £23,010 Target Price £22,061 Price as tested £24,805 Test economy 43.0mpg 

16 March 2022 – Servicing and saving

With the industrial number of miles I’ve put onto my car in recent weeks, it came as no surprise that my Citroën C4’s odometer ticked over to the point where it was due a service.

After some internet research, I found one of the large Citroën dealership networks, Robins & Day, was quickly sorted with a convenient slot at my local centre through their nationwide call centre.

Citroen C4 servicing

I visited the Redditch branch and was met by a friendly team who took the car off me and found me a spot where I was able to wait and work until the servicing was complete.

During the servicing process, I received a text from the team with a link to a video of a 'health check' inspection of my car, included as part of the servicing package. The whole process took about 90 minutes and cost me £219. 

It is worth noting that when researching, the price of this first service differed by £10 across three branches I looked at. The Redditch and Manchester branches charged £219, for example, while the branch in Walton-on-Thames, in south-west London, charged £229. Proof that it’s worth looking around to find the best price, even among different dealerships from the same group.

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