Deal of the day: Renault Clio

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Deal of the day: Renault Clio

The Renault Clio might be beaten by the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo when powered by a petrol engine, but in diesel guise it's the best around.

In a bid to find our favourite economical small car we recently pitted it against a diesel Polo and the face-lifted petrol-electric Toyota Yaris Hybrid. It saw off the competition.

To make the diesel Clio even more attractive, we've also found more than £2500 off the Dynamique S Medianav version with Here's all you need to know.

The car Renault Clio 1.5 dCi 90 Dynamique S Medianav Energy
The saving £2548
The discounted price £14,047
The broker


The best part of this Renault Clio is its engine. The 1.5-litre diesel unit is strong, smooth and remarkably economical; it managed to return 60.1mpg in our True MPG testing.

The current-generation Clio feels more mature than previous cars. It's stable on the motorway and copes well with potholed roads.

Inside, there's  a generous amount of safety kit and room for four adults. It's easy for the driver to get comfortable and the touch-screen infotainment system on higher-specification cars works well.


Resale values of the Clio are not as strong as rivals', but luckily the other running costs are low.

It's not as much fun to drive as the Ford Fiesta and some of the interior plastics feel cheap.

Should I add any options?

Dynamique S Medianav trim comes with everything you could want including the touch-screen infotainment system.

What next?

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