Ford C-Max hybrids

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What Car? Staff
10 January 2011

Ford C-Max hybrids

Two Ford C-Max hybrids have been revealed at the Detroit motor show, and they are likely to go on sale in the UK from around 2013.

There is a plug-in hybrid, called the Energi, and a more conventional hybrid, called the Hybrid.

The C-Max Energi is powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine and a lithium ion battery pack, with the battery powering the car for the majority of the time. Ford says the two combine to give a potential range of 500 miles.

The Hybrid has a similar set-up, but there is no facility for plugging the car in to charge the battery. Ford hasnt released economy data, but says it wants the car to better the current Ford Fusion Hybrids 49mpg.

The cars look like the conventional C-Max, albeit with a modified front grille and an interior set-up reminiscent of the Ford Focus EV, which has also been launched at the Detroit motor show.

Meanwhile, Ford has announced American customers will be able to buy the seven seat Grand C-Max from later this year, albeit marketed simply as the C-Max. The five-seat C-Max on sale in Europe wont be sold in America.