Have your say on the new Saab 9-5 estate

* Attend our exclusive preview * Of the stylish new 5 Series Touring rival * Be one of the first to review it...

Have your say on the new Saab 9-5 estate

Beat the journalists to review Saab's hotly anticipated 9-5 estate. We've got our hands on one of the few models in the UK and you could be one of the first people to review it.

You'll get to tell Saab exactly what you think of their new BMW 5 Series Touring rival. The preview will take place on Thursday May 26, between 4-6pm.

We'll be asking for your views on the car's design, ergonomics and specification your comments will be published in What Car? magazine, along with photos of you with the car. You'll also be asked to speak briefly on camera for footage at whatcar.com. (Please note that this is a static viewing of the car you won't be able to drive it at this event.)

If you would like to take part, email [Reader Test Team](mailto:readertestteam@haynet.com?subject=Saab 9-5) 11am Wednesday May 25, including the following information:
•: What car you currently drive
•: Your occupation
•: Your mobile number
•: Where you'll be driving from on the day
•: A few lines on why you're interested in reviewing the Saab.
And we'll get back to you straight away with further details.

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