Honda HR-V long-term test: report 8

Our sub-editor wants a car that takes all the effort and much of the expense out of his extremely long daily commute – can the hybrid Honda HR-V SUV deliver?...

Honda HR-V 2022 long term test cup of tea

The car Honda HR-V 1.5i-MMD Advance Style e-CVT Run by Chris Haining, sub-editor

Why it’s here To find out if a petrol hybrid can be the answer for somebody who covers long distances and wants to keep costs down

Needs to Effortlessly shrug off motorway trips while sipping petrol, be able to handle rough tracks, carry bulky loads 

Mileage 12,380 List price £34,850 Target Price £33,750 Price as tested £34,660 Test economy 54.5mpg Official economy 67.3mpg

8 August 2022 – Running hot and cold

Who else finds a hot cup of tea refreshing even on a sizzling sunny day? Well, it might be just me, but when the temperatures began to soar in mid July, that’s exactly what my Honda HR-V had me thinking about.

Honda HR-V 2022 long term heated steering wheel

Yes, as the mercury passed 30deg celcius, I still had the HR-V’s heated seats and steering wheel switched on. Why on Earth would I do that? Well, the air conditioning blows so cold that having a warm steering wheel is like wearing a nice pair of mittens while out in the snow. Likewise, heating the seats seems no less appropriate in artificially arctic interior conditions than it would be in the depths of winter. 

Like many, I find that air conditioning can dry my eyes uncomfortably with prolonged exposure, but my car’s clever ‘air diffusion system’ means you’re not subjected to an icy directional blast. Instead, the cooled air circulates much more like a natural breeze. It’s another example of how, like a well-timed cuppa, the HR-V hits the spot.

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