How to spec a Skoda Fabia

Our guide to the Skoda Fabia small car covers which options to choose, which to avoid, and how much to pay for it all...

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If you’re shopping for a budget-friendly small car that feels neither its size or price, the Skoda Fabia is a great place to start. It offers a comfortable ride, good passenger space and a remarkably big boot that matches family cars such as the Ford Focus for cargo capacity.

Our full Skoda Fabia review tells you all about what it’s like to drive and live with, and lots more, but here we’re concerned with helping you get the most for your money when you buy one.

We think the mid-range SE Comfort trim is the one to go for, because it adds nice-to-have features including alloy wheels and rear parking sensors while also keeping costs sensible. To really make the most of what the Fabia can offer, though, we'd add the following options.