Is Saab's first 4x4 really its first?

Is Saab's first 4x4 really its first?

Q: I noticed you have reported that Saab is bringing out the 9-4X - Saab's first 4x4. However, the USA have had the 9-7X for a couple of years now. Is the 9-4X just a dressed-up GM from the States, or is this the first genuine Saab 4x4?
Tony Thompson

A: Saab is currently working on a new, smaller 4x4 - the 9-4X. It will be sold worldwide, but in the USA it will sell alongside the larger 9-7X.

The 9-4X was initially going to be based on the Subaru Tribeca platform. However, General Motors pulled out of the Subaru alliance, so the 9-4X will now be based on the 'Theta' 4x4 platform, which it will share with the Cadillac BRX.

The 9-7X is effectively a rebadged Chevrolet TrailBlazer - with enormous 4.2- and 5.3-litre petrol engines, it would never sell well in Europe.