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02 December 2008

Jaguar - Mercedes

19th of 30
Last year's position 17th of 26
Cars needing repair work 32%
Average repair cost 485
Star model X-type ('01-present)

The X-type fights Jag's corner, being a long way ahead of the company's other cars.

It managed an overall rating of five out of five, with just 18 cars out of 100 needing repair work.

In the naughty corner sits the Jaguar ('96-'06) XK8, this year's least-reliable car, with a failure rate of 79 cars per 100 and an average repair bill of 593. Its only defence is that it has one of the highest average ages of the cars featured.


Land Rover
30th of 30
Last year's position 26th of 26
Cars needing repair work 50%
Average repair cost 454
Star model Discovery ('89-'98)

Land Rover has made last place its own, having been there for the past seven years of our reliability survey not something to be proud of.

The most-reliable model, the Discovery, still suffered 55 breakdowns per 100 cars, and Land Rover is even a long way behind the second-least-reliable brand, Renault.

The ('97-'00) Freelander is the worst Land Rover, and was once again one of the 10 least-reliable cars overall.


5th of 30
Last year's position 4th of 26
Cars needing repair work 19%
Average repair cost 328
Star model LS400 ('90-'01)

Lexus is again one of the top five manufacturers in this survey.

The ('90-'01) LS400 was its best model, with just seven failures per 100 cars.

When the LS did go wrong, two thirds of cars suffered axle and suspension issues, with the rest of the problems caused by dodgy electrics.

Interestingly, the newer ('00-'03) LS430 was the least-reliable Lexus, with 36 claims per 100 cars.


2nd of 30
Last year's position Not in survey
Cars needing repair work 12%
Average repair cost 198
Star model 323 ('98-'03)

All of the Mazdas in this year's survey got the top score, with each model earning a reliability rating of five out of five. No other manufacturer, even Honda, can make such a claim.

The 323 was the most-reliable model, with only three claims per 100 vehicles good enough to make it the second-most-reliable car overall.

When it came to fixing the cars that did have problems, the average repair time was just over one-and-a-half hours, with an average repair bill of less than 200.


18th of 30
Last year's position 12th of 26
Cars needing repair work 31%
Average repair cost 449
Star model CLK Convertible ('97-'03)

Mercedes-Benz is slowly slipping down the ranks of reliability.

The older ('97-'03) CLK model beat the model that replaced it, with six fewer failures per 100 cars.

It might be the last word in luxury, but the ('99-'06) S-Class finished last in Mercedes' results, with a dismal 71 claims per 100 cars.

The average repair bill of Mercedes was also higher than most, at 449.