Kia Soul EV long-term test: report 3

Our sub-editor wants to go green with an electric car, but doesn't want to miss out on making occasional long trips. Does the Kia Soul EV go the distance?...

Kia Soul EV 2021 long-term Cossie

The car Kia Soul EV Run by Chris Haining, sub-editor

Why it’s here To find out whether electricity really can replace petrol when it comes to flexibility, cost and convenience

Needs to Cope with country lanes and motorways alike, accommodate an active lifestyle and be easy to live with day-to-day

Mileage 2360 List price £34,945 (before gov't grant) Target Price £34,945 Price as tested £34,945 Official range 280 miles Test range 276 miles

5 November 2021 – It's always the quiet ones

The sensible side of my Kia Soul EV continues to impress, but its fun side ought to be celebrated, too. After all, it has 201bhp – the same amount of power as a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, the bewinged, motorsport-inspired missile that was my hero car as a lad. It also has 291lb ft of torque to pull it down the road; that's almost a third more than the 'Cossie', as it was dubbed down my way.

Of course, with its heavy batteries, the Soul EV weighs half a tonne more than the Ford– hence the latter is a second and a half quicker from rest to 62mph. But, with its electric power deployed instantly, I’ll wager that the Soul would show the Ford a clean pair of heels away from the lights.

Kia Soul EV 2021 long-term rear cornering shot

The Cosworth would be far more nimble through the corners, but I reckon a Soul EV in Sport mode would give it a hard time between them. In Sport mode it’s like you’re in third gear all the time; power is always on tap and the regenerative braking effect means your foot needn’t touch the brakes when it's time to slow for a bend, so progress is smooth as well as rapid. 

Yes, I know, the Soul EV isn’t supposed to be a sporty car, but it kind of accidentally is.

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