Lotus range is cleaner than ever

* CO2 emissions from 179 g/km * Up to 3.2mpg extra * On sale now...

Lotus range is cleaner than ever

Lotus has tweaked its Elise and Exige models to eke out better fuel economy and cut CO2 emissions.

Lotus says that the changes are a result of continuous improvement and have cut emissions by up to 9% and increased fuel economy by a similar figure.

The entry-level Elise S model gets the biggest benefits, with average fuel economy up from 34.0mpg to 37.2mpg and CO2 emissions down from 196g/km to 179g/km.

Compared with many high-performance rivals, the Lotus range's lightweight construction and small-capacity engines give it lower CO2 emissions.

Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus, said: 'The Lotus philosophy of performance through light weight is even more relevant in today's emissions-focused ecological world.

'We are at the cutting edge of green transport technology and we will continue to push the boundaries with our green research and environmental strategy.'