Mazda eyes up a Juke rival

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John McIlroy
12 September 2013

Mazda eyes up a Juke rival

Mazda could expand its line-up of SUVs to include a potential rival for the Nissan Juke, according to a senior company source.

The Japanese manufacturer has scored a hit with its CX-5 SUV; it has had to expand production capacity to cope with demand, and now produces 300,000 examples per year.

Chairman Takashai Yamanouchi acknowledged that the idea of further SUVs – including a smaller sister vehicle to the CX-5 – has appeal.

'The market is very mature. There are lots of varieties of requirements from customers,' he said. 'We want to make the best use of the resources of Mazda to ensure our products meet those requirements. 

'We are going to launch eight models with Skyactiv fully installed by March 2016. The new Mazda 3 was the third of those products. We cannot comment on everything, but assume that we will be launching something bigger than the CX-5 SUV and something smaller than the CX-5 in the new product line-up in the future.'

The baby SUV market has exploded in recent months, with the arrival of the Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur to rival the Juke. It's set for further expansion in the next two years, with models from Ford, Honda and Suzuki all in the pipeline.