Mazda MX-5 Black Limited Edition review

* Special-edition MX-5 hard-top driven * More equipment than standard model * Price 22,995; on sale now; just 500 models...

Mazda MX-5 Black Limited Edition review

What is it? A limited-edition Mazda MX-5 Roadster -Coupe designed to promote Mazda's participation in the Britcar racing series.

The Black Limited Edition is based on the MX-5 Sport Tech model, so comes with a 158bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine and a six-speed manual gearbox.

What marks the Black Limited Edition out from the standard model is its black hard-top roof, 'gun metal' alloys and 'Black Limited Edition' badges. It comes in just three colours Spirited Green metallic, Crystal White Pearlescent and Velocity Red mica.

Mazda will build 500 Black Limited Edition models, and each will get unique numbered plaque. At 22,995, it's 360 more than the Sport Tech model.

What's it like to drive? Same as any other MX-5 it's a lot of fun. The MX-5 has go-kart-like handling, masses of grip and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Okay, the engine is a bit boomy and the ride can be a bit firm, but that's acceptable given the sheer joy the car is to drive.

What's it like inside? Black Limited Edition versions have a leather interior with sand-coloured stitching and Black Limited Edition floor mats, but apart from the numbered plaque on the centre console there's little else to distinguish the interior from those of standard models.

The low-slung driving position and cosy cabin is exactly what you want in a roadster, and you get a lot of kit as standard, including climate control, Bluetooth and cruise control.

Should I buy one? Spec up a Sport Tech model to what you get in the Black Limited Edition and the special-edition version looks good value. The contrasting black roof with the brightly coloured paint scheme is a matter of personal taste, though.

Our Target Price shoppers reckon you can get a 4.75% discount on an MX-5 at the moment, so don't let the salesman talk you into spending more on the Black Limited Edition than you should.

Our favourite MX-5 remains the 1.8 SE version. You buy one of these for just over 18,000. Okay, it doesn't have the power or kit of the Black Limited Edition, but the 1.8-petrol isn't short of oomph and we think that no-frills fun is all part of the MX-5 experience. Adding more equipment doesn't make the MX-5 better.

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